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she was the first LPGA pro so honored
Titleist 915 D3 Driver
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Reproduced:Frenchman Levy shoots 63 to go four clear at BMW
you'll often avoid bunkers and hazards
Dixons: the future of electronic music.
Logical Progression - LTJ Bukem
What is "commercial" house or dance music?
Ian Brown?
do you fancy pete docheryy
nine inch nails new album for free
so whats the best indie at the moment
Is rave dead?
The minimalists....
A man needs a maid
Do you ever think...
.mpc audio files?
Legal downloads?
Autechre's new album.
UNKLE/Zoot Woman/Sebastian
Blech - Warp freebie mixtape
Nu rave [not breakcore, indie pop stuff].
BIG TUNE!!! thread (redux)
what genre is best lyrically?
shit new dnb
The strokes
when you're listening to hiphop, dancehall etc
killr new dnb
I feel used and dirty...
the album you've heard most
Last FM tag recomendations
the spanish.....
NiN, With Teeth
The Lancashire Hotpots
Worrabout a Coolest Ever Burn?
Official - chegrimandi is king of TCTE
40 tracks to download !!!
the manics
Guru (gangstarr/jazzmatazz)
heads high
Prodigy 70s Moustache Remix
Whats the Shizzle with Ashton Court Festival Bristle?
Best soundtracks to fillums ever?
New Juxtaposeur breakcore/jungle mixes
lady sovereign vs ms dynamite
mike & the wheelchairs
Past>Forward Vol. 3: The £50 Note Slower Mix
emilie simon
kid carpet updates!!!
mikro orchestra - making music on gameboys!!!
ace new eric kleptone radio show/podcast!!!
krs-one // tchad unpoe // thursday 28th june
Saturday 23rd June
YOUR Best Singles Ever
VENN FESTIVAL, bristol, thurs 31st may-sun 3rd june
and on and ariston
the biggest music sample list ever!!!!
Hey, don't you like to party?
Death$ucker news - FAO ninja & other breakcore enthusias
big yellow taxi
I am the ressurrection
How do you rate King Crimson if you rate them at all?
diplo!!! bristol!!! sunday 27th may!!!
what the fuck ever happened to tricky anyways
your favouritest albums
dancing at the disco
don't cry for me argentina
i'm still in love with you boy
songs that would benefit from the word 'tits'
YEA or NAY #001: "Labour Of Love" // Hue & Cry
that thing when you wander through youtube
favourite band/artist?
smashing pumpkins
pop will eat itself?
Artic Monkeys
When i see a band i want to see them.......
A song for J :D
Rock/jungle suicides
Plan B
Bill Whithers
Bjork - Volta
YEAH!!!!!! RIOTS!!!!!!!
whatcha playing?
Hey - How's it Going, Sorry You Couldn't Get Through.....
Which TCTER has the worst taste in music?
cock rock disco//dj DONNA SUMMER//DON AUGUSTO//free mp3s
siobhan donaghy 'ghosts'
DJ rupture downloads
Joanna Newsom
Joe Jackson
throwing muses/kristin hersh mp3s - ALL FOR FREE!!!
want kate bush demos? get kate bush demos!
Music downloads
Kurt Cobain
Fish Boy makes music
Eclectic Kettle May 19th
ATP! Bristol people!!
The TCRE Summer Festival Thread!
'Screwed In Houston' - Dirty South hip hop doc
100% Reggae
ninjaboy's wacky song compendium!!!!!!!
kid carpet>live tonight in bristol (fri)
Electic kettle and thankyous!
new bristol music radio from march 26
klub kabu/bristol gather/fri 30th march
amy winehouse does ian dury
Best Radiohead album
Beat matching software
Soulwax Vs Vitalic
Knife and Chop...Techno?
speshly for isambard & firky...
mr_hopkinson's_computer releases 10" 3 tracker!
Stevie - Wonder or not?
Eclectic Kettle, March 10th now with PICS
Jonny Greenwood the Controller
breakcore links
only the best internet radio stations (except us)
Last FM
Very important Public Announcement.
DJ Assault
This is a bit mint!
emf vs pwei
In The Studio with Shitmat
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks
New WoBcast up, #17
Eclectic Kettle, Sat Feb 3rd cancelled
Do you like classical music?
IZzY wiZZy
reccomend me some d&b!
Eclectic Kettle #2 now with pics
Backing up iTunes
tcte/tcre group!!1!!
Elvis Costello - Yay or Nay?
the tcre 'we have been listening to...' thread (dec-jan)
good sites fo reggae dancehall ????????
Guess the tune
october cock rock disco FREE TUNES!!!
amazing synth from the future (just watch this)
Wooohooo! I'm going to a Jools Holland show!!!!
What's in YOUR head today?!!
geordie battle rhymer merks gakked-up stage school rapper!
incongruous musical juxtapositions!!!
Couple of things I'll be playin at
No Memory!!!!!111
carpet megastore, 8pm, TONIGHT (thursday)
hisarrr larrr hisayarrr viludoo vian voddddd
Bride of Monster Mash Up - free Halloween CD download
Method Man
get behind me satan
how wrong is it to like thomas dolby?
Breakcore goodness
Check ma shit!
"Creatin rap music cos I never dug disco"
WHaT[H00 LiSTeNiN' To, WiLLiS????
check this shit out
best bush: ULTIMATE POLL
favourite sampled songs
new podcast sharing old tapes/cds/music mag freebies!
Post your old skool shit here
thecoolestburnever #2!!!!!!!
I don't mind
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